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Intuitive Design

Design for any medium, digital or print. Logos, Business Cards, Banners, Email Newsletters, apparel, and websites - just to name a few. Designs are often downloaded from your spirit guides or angels. Numerology and Sacred Geometry are incorporated into my designs, wherever possible.

Website Development, Hosting, & SEO

Have a professional looking website for your business, without all the fuss. Improved website rankings with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Everything from online business listings to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Google Ads, to finding Instagram influencers that can help promote your brand.

Social media

Social Media Profiles setup, as well as, posting content and running marketing campaigns.


Have an eCommerce shop integrated into your website to expand the reach of your business. Setup assistance for Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay.

Help & Support

Technical training for self sufficiency in any area. Personal training, with included recordings, in any aspect of the services I offer, as well as basic computer training.

What clients say

"Joel has been a great collaborator as my technical advisor and webmaster. He’s intuitive, creative, sensitive and visionary. He’s empathic to my needs and preferences. I feel blessed to have him as my technical collaborator. His prices are appropriate and fair and he is prompt with invoices and receipts."
Diane Maria
Intuitive Insights

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