About Me

I am a lightworker, starseed, & spiritual guide, here to help those that are helping others.

Who Am I?

A technologically savvy, intuitive empath that is on Earth in the service of Universal Source, Earth, and Humanity. 

My Mission

To use my intuitive gifts and follow my internal guidance system to help those that are in service to others with branding, marketing, & technology. 

What I Do

Ease the Pain of dealing with technology and the Internet, so that your brand goes farther and faster.

My Story

The theme of helping others with technology has been present throughout my life. It seemed to come easily and naturally to me. My first job was working in the computer department at Media Play, which then led me to working at CompUSA computer store selling computers. My love for technology lead me to spend a couple years at the Art Institute of Portland, where I studied Multimedia Development.  I moved back home to Colorado in 2003 where I started a career in Telecommunications. 

In my early twenties, I embarked on a spiritual journey. I longed to know if a God existed and what was the point to life. It was also at this time that I discovered that I could feel other people’s emotions. At the time, heavy emotions in others were overwhelming. It took a few years before I got the hang of it, to the point where I could be in heavy situations like funerals. Throughout my 20’s, my big focus was Spirituality and the philosophy that surrounded it. It was, and has always been, my biggest joy in life. 

In 2010 I met my best friend, and now wife, Natalie. The relationship had the added benefit of both of us being intuitive. We could send ‘telepathic-text messages” to each other, so that the other person would come home with the item that was missed on the list. Being able to feel exactly what the other was feeling was, and is, a tremendous help. We were in no rush to have children, but in 2015 we felt the call of Spirit saying it was time. We both knew it was to be a little girl. Within 2 months Natalie was pregnant, and in January of 2016 our daughter was born. 

In March of 2019, I went through a second Spiritual Awakening. One that has led me to focus on helping those starting their own businesses, and to help them experience more prosperity by releasing the blocks caused by fear of technology. 

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